Dear visitor,

welcome to our website. Thank you for your visit – nevertheless we would like to welcome you to one of our car centers in Berlin and Brandenburg too. Due to the internal opening of Europe and simplified customs/border regulations buying a car abroad has become very easy. The number of our foreign customers is increasing steadily over the last years. There are still language caused barriers for many Europeans, but our employees are trained to handle every deal in English. So there can be no doubt that we will understand each other well.

Why should you buy your car in Germany?

There are still significant differences in brand new car prices throughout Europe. It’s worth it everytime to compare. But the availability and time of delivery for new cars may differ from market to market or quarter to quarter even more. It may be just one of these arguments that make us your vendor.

Looking for a used car? Our overwhelming large stock of over 700 cars tells it’s own tale. In connection with our interesting prices you may find similiar vehicles very difficult without travelling thousands of kilometres more.
And there is another reasonable argument for buying your car in Berlin: Berlin itself is worth the trip! Full of sites and cultural events Berlin is always an exciting place to stay. So take the chance to combine your business with the exploration of one of Europes most interesting cities.

Therefore we developed a special offer for all our foreign customers: We pay for a one-night accommodation in a 4-Stars Hotel for every private customer buying a car from our company. You win the special opportunity to enjoy one day and a night of Berlin life before you return. We arranged very special bargain prices with the hotel in case you’d like to prolonge your stay.

So I remain by saying: Look forward to Berlin and be anxious to our company!

Welcome to the Koch Gruppe Automobile AG.

Yours faithfully